Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Onew Will Be Working On A New JTBC Drama?

Happy news to all MVP and Shawol out there. Our Onew will be acting in a new JTBC drama Age Of Youth season 2. It's been a while after he last successful act in Descendant of the Sun, KBS, and now we are anticipating for him to come back in a new drama maybe around mid-august on JTBC.

In this drama, Onew will be playing as Han Seung Yeon (KARA) love interest. Gong Dae Nam (Onew) is an engineering student and happens to attracted with Jung Ye-Eun (Han Seung Yeon) who is a student that working to support her own study.

However, other source reported that this offer is still under consideration. If the offer accepted, Shawols will have another K-Drama from Onew. At the moment SM Ent is planning for TVXQ, SuperJunior, EXO and SHINee comback in 2017. So, it might be a very hectic schedule for Onew to do both acting and comeback preparation at the same time.

Have Onew Meet Any Kara Member Before?
This is maybe the first time for Onew to work with Kara's member in a drama. Han Seung Yeon was in a drama with Choi MinHo (SHINee) which was SBS drama Salamander Guru And The Gang.

Onew met Gu Hara (KARA) in a variety TV show Invincible Youth Season 1, KBS as a celebrity guest.

So MVP and Shawol, are you excited? Onew is always working, so lets wish him to be healthy and happy at work. Our support is important for our idol to go on.


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