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  1. Hello!
    We are Stylee magazine ( We want to cooperate with you)

  2. Hello,

    I would like to request for your kind self to check and do a review on new rising band in Korean alternative music - South Club.

    South Club formed in a short span of a couple of months by former Winner member, Nam Tae Hyun, a young and charismatic CEO. Born with an abundance of talents, he has once and once again proven his ability to his fans by writing multiple pieces, which mostly are bluesy with hints of sadness, romance, melancholy and his history. A great affinity leads him to come to know three talented and soulful boys, Solomon Kim (bassist), Kun Ku (guitarist) and Won Young (drummer) shortly after he departed from Winner.

    South Club's first EP titled 90 was released on June 27 along with music videos for the two title tracks LIAR and I got the Blues. The name of the album came from all the members of the band being born after the year 1990 and their inspiration in the 90's youth expression of freedom.

    With two sessions of their first concert in Seoul and three successful fan meets in Tokyo and Bangkok and an upcoming one in Taiwan, we can surely foresee more in future.

    South Club's new single "Who's this song for?" is going to be released on next Tuesday, 5/12/2017 at 6PM KST, appreciate if you could review and give your thought on the new song.

    Please also feel free to look at their previous performance at the below YouTube link that was made by Namtaehyun fancam (Owner :


  3. Korean vlogger who travels the Middle East hosting Kpop parties made a Kpop event inside Syria. Here's the youtube link to the party:

    It's basically about bringing people together through Kpop... celebrating and putting aside differences. Would love it if you could share it on your blog. And please contact me if you have any questions!


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