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My favorite moment in [STATION] 온유 X 로코베리_수면제 (Lullaby) Music Video

MVP anneyong? As you know, (Station) Onew x Rocoberry - Lullaby (수면제) music video just launched yesterday (4th May 2017). Currently, this MV receives a lot of love and positive reaction from MVP's and Shawol all over the world! As an  MVP, I want to share with you the best moment (that I personally love) about the music video! Check it out MVP (and you Shawol too).
About The Song.

This song is actually a remake. The original track was from Rocoberry and it's re-created into a ballad song. Onew's charming voice (and he is a very charming prince in the MVP's heart) making this song a healing ballad song that I personally love. The lyric is basically telling about someone wishing their love one to sleep well at night. We know right, when we are not with our love one, do you think we can sleep well? So this song is wishing the long distance couple to have a better sleep from afar (cute). 
This is his (collaboration) best song yet. To Rocoberry (if you're reading hun), you're so talented and keep up the good work. Any friends of SHINee, is friends of us, the Shawol.

Best Moment In  [STATION] 온유 X 로코베리_수면제 (Lullaby) Music Video

#1 The MV

The beginning of the MV is this. Coincidently, this is my dream home. I like white, I want the house is by the beach, I want a plant in my own room to detox the air and add more oxygen, and I want my bedroom is facing the beach so I can wake up looking at it everyday.

#2 Meet Roco
So this is Roco. She is cute. I thought I would see Onew at the beginning of the MV, but clearly I'm wrong.
#3 It's Onew!
So in this scene, he is by the stairs, sitting, singing, with his "I miss you" kind of expression. He is a great actor other than singer. Remember Descendants Of The Sun? Seriously, he is the next best actor in South Korea. 

#4 Cutie Onew!
His eyes just can see us through the camera. Nice shot!
#5 Our Onew
His voice, his act, his expression, I will give 100 out of 100
#6 OMG
I'm so thankful that this scene is played by dancers, not Onew
#7 Time for a walk
After missing sometime and try to distract the mind a little bit, walking is a good therapy.
#8 Do not do this at home
That is why I think this song is trying to tell us about how important for us to have a good night sleep. Because, when you're missing someone, you might crashed just anywhere.
#9 Repeat, do not do this at home
Please have a nice sleep in the bedroom, not on the stairs, even if you're missing someone.
#10 So cute of Onew
Now we are looking at the right thing to do before go to sleep. Missing a person is not suppose to make you forgot about your personal hygiene. Seriously, this song is about reminding you to be positive and normal as much as possible, no matter how difficult your situation at the moment including having a long distance relationship.
#11 Time for bed
Even if we missing someone, our life must go on. Have a good rest, do your best at your work or school, and one day, you sure can be together again. Happy ending always come true.
#12 To the beach again
Wondering when you can meet Onew? Don't miss their concert, TV show, or comeback of course. As a MVP, I will always support them this way.

What I Want To Say About This Song
#1. Autumn In My Heart
This song might've been inspired by Autumn In My Heart OST, Romance - By Choi Tae Won. It was only an acoustic guitar song, so with this Lullaby - Onew x Rocoberry, this is like Romance by Choi Tae Won with the voice. Don't yout think? Listen to the OST here to find out. 

#2. Do Not Listen To It While You Are Driving
A friendly reminder from to all MVP and Shawol out there, please do not listen to this song especially while you are driving. I know how easy we can be carried away by Onew's heavenly voice. So please be safe, and listen to this song before you go to sleep instead.

#3. Don't Worry, Long Distance Couple
To all long distance couple out there, if your GF/BF is a Kpop lover, they are loyal to death I'm sure. Long distance is not a thing nor a problem to them. I bet he/she will dedicate this song for you so you can remember her/him more often. (wink).
#4. The Music Video Is So Nailed It
Kudos to the music video director and S.M.Entertainment  for approving this music video. The concept, the beach, the teal theme, the bed, and every single scene just hit the point. Everyone feels and gets the message even they are not a korean native (you know what I mean?) Congratulations for the best MV for ballad song of the month.
#5. Onew Doesn't Age At All
Okay, this 28 years old singer (29 years old in Korean age) is doesn't seem like a 28'er at all. I know make up is not contributing that much, but I believe Onew is trying to be healthy, eating healthy diet, exercise regularly, and have quality good sleep. To S.M.Entertainment, once again, please, I know they are busy, but please make sure they have enough rest and sleep included in their working schedule. Thank you.
To all MVPS and Shawol, please send a lot of love by watching [STATION] 온유 X 로코베리_수면제 (Lullaby) Music Videoin youtube. Why not we give Onew and Rocoberry 10million views this week, right? You also can download the song in iTunes, Spotify, and also Google Play Music, here


  1. everyone, the views today still under 200K, please keep viewing, gomawo~

  2. Thank you for this. Fav moment is when he looks at the camera. And then walking on the beach at the end. After that it's pretty much anytime he sings. Voice of a sweet Angel.

  3. Dont forget to stream everyday, almost 400K wiews today ^.^


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