Thursday, May 24, 2018

SHINee Onew: Jump Is A Song That Makes You Happy

The new song 'JUMP' (jump) spoiler soundtrack on the first album 'The Story of Light' EP.1 ('The Story of Light' episode.1) was released on May 23.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

SHINee Song Jump Is Inspired From Legendary Michael Jackson's Song Off The Wall

Who doesn't like MJ? Do you know Michael Jackson is TaeMin's number 1 pop idol? He danced because of Michael Jackson. SHINee latest song, Jump is inspired by Michael Jackson's song, Off The Wall.

SHINee Japan Is Selling SHINee Visa Prepaid Cards

Fans are wondering about SHINee Japan recent announcement. What is SHINee SMTown Visa Prepaid?

'SHINee's Back' Will Be Broadcast On 6th Of June!

SHINee will have reality comeback show named SHINee's Back 6. Start broadcasted on digital M2 channel at 6th June at 9pm KST.

SHINee JongHyun: I Wish SHINee To Be Healthy And Work Together For Many Years

Our SHINee JongHyun makes a wish at the 'water that hears wish' place in Kyoto, Japan. After he heard the clerk saying this is the water which people can tell their wish, JongHyun immediately climb up the stairs and make a wish for his SHINee brothers.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

SHINee MinHo Talks About Their 6th Album And The Strength Between Members

'The Story of Light' EP.1 ('The Story of Light' episode .1) from the 6th album of SHINee (SM Entertainment), a global K-POP leader, All Day All Night's spoiler is released.

New SHINee Lightstick Released And SMTown Still Making Merchadise For JongHyun Fans

Shawol loved the design so much. It means SHINee World protecting SHINee. That's why there is a diamond inside that bigger diamond. Do you still remember SHINee necklace recently? For some reason, they didn't make JongHyun necklace at that time. But now, SMTown is back to make JongHyun merchandise for the fans.

Why Onew Always Looks Young?

MVPs and Shawols Love Their Dubu Leader Young Face. Our Onew doesn't age at all. He always looks 20. We don't know what is his secrets but we know something about his personality that keeps him forever young.

Fans Love To Look At Onew's Muscle

Some MVPs, noonas, and Shawols love to see Onew's muscle for some unknown reasons. So, feast your eyes. Here are some muscles for you.

TaeMin Is The Boy That Suzy Bae (Miss A) Interested With

Recently during Suzy fan meeting in Taiwan, she danced to TaeMin's move right? Do you know that she is a TaeMint? This is what she said in an interview (Kiss The Radio show) before about him.

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