Friday, June 8, 2018

Our Onew Might Get Call For Enlistment Anytime

Everyone know about the enlistment rule amendment that announced recently. Our Onew might get call for enlistment anytime now because he reached the age limit already.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Alert: MinHo's New Phone Is IPhone X Silver

Our young shawols are so update with these kind of stuffs. Great. Now we know what is the phone that MinHo currently using. Check this out Flamers!

MinHo Can't Stop TaeMin From Touching Things

Shawols are aware that TaeMin was born with magic hands. Our MinHo repeatedly reminds him to stop touching at SHINee gallery and just look.

SHINee New MTTM Pictures And Their Reaction To JongHyun's Draft

This is so cute! Our SHINee visited their own gallery at SM Museum and they took this picture. This is what we called, SHINee takes a picture with SHINee.

MinHo and His Team Enjoyed Hummus In Jordan

MinHo new variety show 'The Man Who Cross The Line' will be aired the first episode this week. MinHo found Jordan resembles Korea and he enjoyed hummus, the traditional food.

TaeMin's Magic Show That Drives Key Crazy

We saw TaeMin did some magic tricks before but on top of that, his Magic Hand is the real thing.

SHINee Thanked Shawol For Good Evening 1st Win

This is unexpectable but congratulations SHINee! We did it for you. It's nice to see how happy you guys and thank you for this video too.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Good Advice When Your Husband JinKi Is Hungry

Imagine if your husband JinKi is back from work for dinner and then you see him outside of the house but you realize that you haven't cook anything yet!

Let's Get Busy And Vote For SHINee Now

SHINee is back. Let's work with them and vote for their song in every voting site. The result can be seen in front of our eyes. If SHINee gets their number 1 spot, we will be happy coz we just give them a wonderful present!

MinHo So Happy With All The Presents From His Loyal Fanclub

Have you seen who sponsored the food, cakes, and flowers for SHINee comeback stage in SBS Inkigayo? It's Choi MinHo Chinese FanUnion.

Do You Know These?