Friday, November 17, 2017

7 Days To Meet Onew

SHINee is always five. Shawols are hoping to see Onew in the next 7 days at Shilla Beauty Concert Singapore. To our Leader Onew, please just look at SHINee and Shawols. We are here for you. Let's meet on 24th November alright. SHINee hwaiting! Onew hwaiting!
To our leader Onew

MinKey Couple For The New SBS's Master Key Game Show!

A new episode of SBS's Master Key will be aired next week. We can see our MinKey couple in the show. Lets vote for MinHo to be the next master key holder. Lets do it guys!

Happy Birthday YuGyeom! 17.11.17!

What a blessed number right there. YuGyeom, it's your 20th birthday (international age). You must say you're 21 year old now right. Alright, up to you birthday boy. He updated his Instagram with this picture this morning.