Thursday, May 25, 2017

SHINee World India With Heart Of Gold

credit: SHINeeWorld_India
This is what Kpop all about, it's nothing but love and care for each other. I would like to congratulate and express how proud I am to a Shawol and this is one of the big reason. Shawol is a loving and caring fanclub not only to SHINee but also to the world.
As a Shawol, we always try to do something to make SHINee and everyone around us happy. SHINee World India celebrates SHINee 9 years anniversary by donating their fanclub fund toSyrian Relief Fund Of UNHCR - United Nations Refugee Crisis Support. Being a fan is not only to focus their life with entertainment, but as a human being that sensitive with current unfortunate situation in several countries, together we still can make the world a better place.
credit: SHINeeWorld_India
Giving donation to help unfortunate children or people in war is a noble deed. You can see us as the happy fan of SHINee but we also care about unfortunate people in the world. Lets spread the happiness no matter how big or small contribution that we can make.
credit: SHINeeWorld_India
To Shawol India, I am so proud of you and this is the best example to any fandom out there. We are who we are and we always make this world a better place and peaceful for everyone as much as we can.

Happy 9 years anniversary to SHINee and all Shawol in the world. I love you guys.


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