Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Are You Okay If Your Kpop Idol Got Tattoo?

For everyone who knows me in Google+, I did post a survey about this topic. Are You Okay If Your Kpop Idol Got Tattoo? Maybe you are okay if your brothers, sister, or friends got it, or maybe not, but for an idol, it might be a different story.

Kpop Idol is an example for their fans. That's why they're called 'Idol'. For pop group in the UK or US, boyband and girlband do tattoos. But how about Kpop boyband/girlband? They are Asian, and tattoo in Asia is existed since hundreds or thousand years ago.

Tattoo in Asia exist in Borneo Sarawak, Japan, China, Thailand, and South Korea. Some of the tattoo are only for culture purpose, but some of the tattoo also means slavery thousand of years ago. In our modern world, it is not hard to get a tattoo. You can choose what type of design that you want and get your tattoo in the tattoo studio.

Now back to the story. Most of the celebrity including Kpop idol have tattoos. Based on my survey, 55% of the voters are okay with it, and the rest just no. I want to share my opinion about this.

1) Tattoo is a statement
I don't have a tattoo at all, but I love to do henna. I'm not drawing the classic motif of henna but I love to design a statement such as "Song JooRi", "Star" and much more. So, for me, the idol only have tattoo for a self-statement. It's cool, and they might only want to tell us that this is who they are.

2) Tattoo is a shout for help
I still remember how Demi Lovato tattooed her wrist with "Stay Strong". On her wrist baby. Her ex-bf Joseph Jonas said, she needs help and they broken up because what Demi Lovato wants was not a relationship. I don't know how much people and celebrity out there keep on tattooing themselves like this. For Demi, she likes her tattoo and during that interview, that tattoo is her reminder to stay strong daily. She is doing great now, I'm so happy for her,she did very well to overcome her problems and stress.

3) Tattoo as a dedication to someone
Johnny Depp and Winona Ryde was a couple long time ago. As a dedication to Winona, Johnny tattooed his arm with her name. "Winona Forever" was the tattoo to show his loyalty to her. But, years after that, they're split and Johnny changed the tattoo into "Wino Forever". He is no longer somebody to Winona, but he is loyal to his favorite beverage.

So, I hope to my favorite Kpop Boyband and Girlband out there, if you want to have a tattoo, please do it because of a good reason, and not because you have mental problem or something. IF you need help, you need consultation, you still have your fans, your friends, your family to support you. If you are lonely, bored, or everyday is just a same day for you, tattoo is not a solution to cheer you up.

Everyone do something for a reason, and I believe no one has a tattoo for fun. There is a story behind it. A dad tattooed his arm for his daughter like Eminem, a girl tattooed her back for her boyfriend, and even a person tattooed his/her body for their late mother/father like Rob Kadarshian.

In conclusion, for me, tattoo is telling a story. So please, to my favorite Kpop Idol, be healthy, work well, and rest well. We will always be your supporter and watching you in your entire career. Don't commit to something that you might regret. We will love you for who you are.

Song JooRi

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