Friday, May 5, 2017

Best K-Variety Show That You Should Watch

Do you know how to learn about South Korean culture and language faster? Not by watching K-Drama or listening to Kpop songs guys, you have to watch K-Variety show. This program is not only fun to watch, but this is the show that reveal real South Korean culture, how they talk everyday, and meet real people. If you never watch Korean variety show yet, here are the best suggestion for you.

1. Family Outing (SBS)
In my opinion, this is number 1 K-Variety Show of all time in South Korea. Family Outing (FO) was first aired on 15th of June 2008. The original members of this program are Yoo Jaesuk, Kang DaeSung (Big Bang), Lee Hyori, Kim JungKook, Park YeJin, Lee ChunHee, Kim SuRo, Yoon JongShin. In episode 52-53, Lee ChunHee and Park YeJin have to leave FO because they have to act in their new drama. Their places was filled by Park HaeJin (actor) and Park SiYeon(actress). This is a game-variety show format, but they only can film it in selected village. The old folks inviting them to take care of their home so they can go to travel for 2 days and 1 night. So at that time, Yoo JaeSuk and the family will do the housechores that the folks required as they leave. I guarantee you will laugh all the way watching this program, and only cry on 52-53 episodes. FO ended on 11th July 2010 because 21st February 2010, Family Outing got brand new cast, production team, and even show concept. The viewers still can't get over with original concept of FO and refused to support FO Season 2 even it had best members such as Yoona (SNSD) and Taecyon (2pm).

What we love: They will do anything to get the best spot to sleep in the house. They will have a game to decide who will win the best spot. Hilarious!

What we hate: It ended so soon.. Reported that every Sunday on the time Family Outing was airing, the other program that aired on the same time as FO was miserably losing. That was the main reason that fans believed why this show got to be ended so the other programs can survive.

2. Running Man (SBS)
Running Man is a game show with an urban concept. Mostly travel to complete their mission and this show first aired on  11th July 2010. Yoo Jaesuk who leave Family Outing on February 2010 comeback with a new Variety-Game show. This show consists members such as Yoo JaeSuk, Kim JungKook, Haha, Lee SukJin, Lee KwangSoo, Kang Gary and Song JiHyo. This show is aired every Sunday.

What we love: They run, they play games, they look so entertaining together

What we hate: They cheat, they back-stab, they fought, they're afraid to JungKook

3. Sisters Slam Dunk (KBS)
For those who never watched Sisters Slam Dunk, this show is all about sisters and they have mission to complete every week. In Season 1, the members are Ra Miran, KimSook, Tiffany (SNSD), Jessi, Min HyoRin and Hong JinKyung. On the first season, the show was all about travelling and achieving their dream in a tight budget! Only USD2000 or ₩2,196,000 only. Can you imagine? And for the season 2, the sisters are on a girl-group project, and they formed a specially-unique group called the 'Unnies' means "Sisters". In season 2, the members are Han ChaeYoung(actress), Kang Yewon, Hong JinYoung, Minzy (2ne1) and Somi( IOI). Most of them doesn't have musical background, even it is funny to watch, but they are trying their best to be a great Kpop girl group.

What we love: No matter how big the age gap between them, they seems like capable to do anything

What we hate: When some of them not practicing harder for their mission

4. Law Of The Jungle (KBS)
This show first aired on 21st October 2011 and it is not filming in South Korea alone. They travel to Indonesia, Philipines, Malaysia, Mongolia, and other places in the world as long as it is a jungle (or island)! For the one who love adventure and nature, this is the show that you shouldn't miss. The leader of this program is Kim ByungMan. Every time the ByungMan Tribe visit a new place, they will bring along new celebrity guest. Celebs such as Onew (SHINee), SungYeol (Infinite), Niel (TeenTop), ChanYeol (EXO), Jackson (Got7), SoJin (Girls Day), UEE (After School) and many more. In this show, they need to survive in the less-habitated place. They have to find their own water source, food, and shelter. It's full of adventure and teamwork is a must!

What we love: Most of them just don't know how to live in the nature.

What we hate: Everyone is relying to ByungMan!

5. Showtime (MBC)
Showtime is a unique variety show because the fans can see what their Idol like behind-the-scene. So far, this show already has 7 seasons. EXO, Beast, Apink, Sistar, EXID, Infinite are the celebrities that starred in this show. Mamamoo and GFriend are the celebrity in season 7. Showtime season 7 featuring 2 girl groups on the show for the first time. Showtime is your place to see your Idol behind-the-scene, uncensored (most of it). You can see how they actually talk with eachother, and you will know how is their daily routine like, before and after work. They also tell their health tips, beauty secrets, and their capability in cooking, house chores, and other talents.

What we love: We can see anything in their real life

What we hate: Nothing. They just being real and honest to their fans.

So Kpop lovers, there are the Top 5 K-Variety Show and it is worth to watch. What is your favorite K-Variety Show?

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