Wednesday, July 19, 2017

SMTown, Please Show Some Love To SHINee. Come On, it's TaeMin's Birthday..

SHINee is the most successful and the most down to earth type of Kpop Boyband. They don't respond to stupid controversy and they hope their fans also not to create or involve in any useless fanwar. So far,
Shawol has no problem with their wish, we also not interested to react to stupid rumors and such, but the only thing that we disfavor here is the way SM Town managed you guys.
It's like work work work (endless) even on your birthday.. 
Hopefully our SHINee will have a fully paid vacation so they can rest all day.
SMTown, you should thank SHINee for everything. 

Shawol just want to see how you appreciate SHINee..
#lovetaemin #LoveSHINee #Key #MinHo #Onew #JongHyun #TaeMin #ShawolAndProud

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