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Who Is In Kpop Share The Same Title In The US/UK Pop?

To all of my friends who love music just like me, you know that I love Kpop because I’m missing how happy my days were in 1995-2003, the glory days for US/UK Pop. I’m like a singing peacock for 8 years and I know every small and major celebrities of US/UK Pop more than any of my friends. My favorite magazines are like Smash Hits, Lime, and Galaxy. Aside of MTV, my magazines were like my source of US/UK Pop music.
Suddenly, the Pop music in the west goes fading and slowly disappear. Thanks to Pop rock, alternative music, and the anti fans that labeling Pop as kid’s music, old dancing monkeys, pretty boys/girls who act virgin but not a virgin, and so many more hate comments. Nice, positive, and innocent pop image turned into sexy, bitchy and not so nice to sing/dance anymore. The results, all of my favorite boy band and girl band were disbanding. The survivors until this day are Britney Spears, Beyonce, and Justine Timberlake. Some Pop celebrities like Christina Aguilera, Joey Fatone, and Joey Mcintyre are not actively singing, but they involve in musical program, food program, and acting.

As the west music industry changed, I don’t sing that much anymore, I even lose my singing voice. It is hard for me to hit certain notes now compare with several years ago. For the one who loves to sing, but when suddenly you’re not excited to sing anymore, that is what happen. I still following my favorite Pop boybands, girlbands, and princes/princess out there even I know the Pop era in the US/UK are dead.

After I discovered Kpop in 2008, this music like filling the empty space in my head. I have reason to sing and dance again. The problem for me was, I don’t understand Korean, and most of the lyrics were not translated yet. So I decide to learn Korean language first. Within months, I’m able to read and pronounce it right. That’s enough for me to start singing and I can understand what I sing bit by bit.

It’s like 9 years now after I’ve been a Kpop fan. I met so many friends all over the world, I have best friend of 7-8 years in South Korea, I can watch Kdrama and understand most of the words, well, that’s the benefit of learning a new language. My favorite Kpop Idol actually the one that have similarities to US/UK Pop and it brings back my happiness while singing just like before. This is my opinion about the Kpop idol that have similarities with US/UK pop idol.
 SHINee reminds me of NSYNC
SHINee is a boyband that never come back with the same old concept. That was what NSYNC did as well. JC Chasez once said, “ We love to bring our music up to another level”. Every comeback from NSYNC, you will notice the sound and music are just getting better. So with SHINee. They are good singers, good dancers, and their image is suitable for all ages to idolize.
Kim JongHyun (SHINee) reminds me of JC Chasez of NSYNC
Both of them have the golden voice in the group. JongHyun also a song writer and composer just like JC. Most of the songs are included in the album. That means, both of them are contributing in the album making. Most of the songs that JongHyun composed landed on number 1 in most of music charts. JongHyun and JC also making music for other artist. They are very well-recognized song composer in both of their country.
2pm reminds me of B2K
B2K was like Pop+RnB+HipHop type of boyband. They’re the product of P.Diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean Puffy Combs. Their song was catchy and the dance routine was way better than NSYNC (sorry boys). If you watch their movie “You Got Served”, they’re like the first boyband ever that do the crumping, breakdance, and many other dance techniques. 2pm sings well and their concept is a little darker than my favorite boyband, SHINee. Between SHINee and 2pm,their dance level are the same for me, but 2pm is more closer to B2K because they have their own signature sound in every comeback.
SS501 reminds me of the Backstreet Boys
BSB and SS501 were not the band that we known as the best dance group, but we love their songs especially the ballads. Their songs also easier to follow and sing compare with other boyband like SHINee and 2pm. I love BSB’s songs like Quit Playing Games, Set A Memory Drift, and Anywhere for you. Listening to that, some of SS501 songs were sounds like them in terms of melody and music instrument.
Lee HyoRi reminds me of Britney Spears.
Britney Spears don’t have the best look, the best voice, the best dance, but she never failed to put a good show. Even Lee HyoRi doesn’t sound like Britney Spears at all, but she is the best performer in her country. They're also the celebrities that loved by the paparazzi. Everything that they did will be under the paparazzi watch. Lee HyoRi is married, and Britney Spears has kids, but that is not going to stop them to do what they knew best.
HyoRin Sistar is the Korean Mariah Carey
Everyone in South Korea said she is the Korean Beyonce. Personally for me, she is more like Mariah Carey because of her unique singing voice. Some music critics said, there are only 10 persons in this world who might have the voice like Mariah Carey, and so far they only met 1. For me, we already have 2 persons on the planet that can sing like that. 

F(x) Is like Korean Danity Kane
You guys don't know who is Danity Kane? They are US girlband under P.Diddy label company. I love their song like Show Stopper and Damage. And I just realized that, F(x) sounds a bit like them. They are into vocal harmony and dance group. I like that.

Ailee Is Christina Aguilera of South Korea
Ailee is not Korean Beyonce for me. She loves to sing in high note right? Do you know who is in the US/UK who loves to sing in high note? Whitney Houston, Adele, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera. But from all the Divas, Ailee is just like Christina Aguilera to me. She is not in Whitney Houston, Adele or Celine Dion level yet, but she will get there with a little more effort and experince. Ailee hwaiting!

Most of the third generation of Kpop boy/girlbands now sounds differently from the boy/girlbands of the second generation. In my observation, US/UK Pop in the 90’s-2000’s were sounds like the first and second generation of Kpop. It’s a good thing that Kpop brings the sounds to another level, but currently a lot of rookie and news songs are influenced with electronic pop tunes. So everyone are sounds alike.

I’m so happy that I’m able to enjoy the music again plus I gain a new language and friends. If Michael Jackson still can sing and dance until he’s in his 50’s, why not us right? We are the music lovers and singing is what we love to do during our leisure time. I wish what happened in the US/UK Pop will not happen in South Korea. I wish there are no haters, antifan, fan war, rude paparazzi and reporters that love to crush celebrity’s future and dreams.

As a fan, we can protect our idols by supporting them and not falling to fake rumors about them. I’ve seen that a lot before and that trend still exists until today in the all over the world. Fans are the factor that can make or break the celebrity. If we be the supportive fans no matter in what fandom, that is the best environment that we can contribute to Kpop world.

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